Our dream is for the patient experience after surgery to reflect the best the world has to offer, no matter where you had your surgery.

Where we started

Post Op started out as a postoperative service for General surgery and Orthopaedic surgery.

Where we are now

We implemented visual wound monitoring and we are currently collecting images to create a database for wound infection prediction.

Where we are going

Our next step will be AI-supported wound monitoring and include new specialities (Plastic Surgery, Colo-rectal, Ophthalmology, Urology, Cardio Thoracic).

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Meet our team


Dr. Chindu Kabir

CEO, Founder

Orthopaedic Surgeon with 20 years of experience in NHS and the private sector, is passionate about using technology to solve problems in healthcare.


Dr. Faizal Rayan

CMO, Founder

Orthopaedic Surgeon with an experience of more than 25 years, with the desire to humanise health care by leveraging technology.


Pier Bardoni

CXO, Founder

Founder and CEO of THINGS, one of Europe’s first design & innovation agencies, with a deep passion for digital culture and transformation.

AI & Developers

Marco Cecconi


“I believe dedication & devotion to a mission and teamwork brings success.”

AI & Developers

Mehmet Yakar

Product Lead

“I always look to succeed in an environment of constant growth to meet personal and organisational goals.”

AI & Developers

Alper Eryurt

Senior Engineer

“I’m a senior developer with over 15 years of experience in web application and outstanding organisational skills.”

AI & Developers

Recep Doga Siyli

Senior AI Engineer

“I’m a coding enthusiast loving neural nets and python; playing with images through code makes me feel alive.”

AI & Developers

Bugrahan Bayram

Head of AI

“In addition to AI, my research interests include electroneurophysiological signal processing, neurorehabilitation and biomechanics.”

AI & Developers

Batuhan Eralp

AI Engineer

“Software development is both a work and a passion for me that drives me to work, learn and elevate myself endlessly.”


Jon Bennet

VP Business &
Client Relations

“I’m a specialist in connecting with people, both customers and staff, to understand their wants and needs.”


Steve Krikler

Senior Clinical Advisor

“I’m a health care professional. In addition to a busy NHS clinical practice, I was a clinical tutor, departmental chair and I lectured.”


Katja Pekhotina

Lead Experience

“I like learning new things; as Albert Einstein once said: "Curiosity is the key to progress and improvement."”


Jocelyn Pericotti

Product & Interaction

“There are those who look at things as they are and ask ‘why’. I think about how they could be and ask myself ‘why not?’.” Pablo Picasso


Gemma Muscatello

Visual & Interaction

“I consider myself a curious and dynamic type of person; thanks to my positive temper I’m able to give my best even in stressful times.”


Dino Mujadzic

Product & Interaction

“Our job as designers is to improve people's lives for the better, simpler, and more meaningful, one step at a time.”

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