Taking a wound image

  1. Please wash your hands before and after you follow these instructions.
  2. Choose a room or location where you would like to take the photo of your wound, in private.
  3. Make sure the room is well lit and has plenty of natural or artificial light whilst avoiding shadows.
  4. Please sit, stand or lie down when taking the photo and keep this position if you can, when repeating photos.
  5. Please find a plain background to take the photo against. A plain white or pale background is best – like a white bedsheet.
  6. Remove your clothing from the area to be photographed but leave any dressings on if instructed by the clinical team to do so. If your dressing needs to be changed or can be replaced easily please expose your wound. If you are not sure, please message your clinical team for instructions.
  7. Cover up any exposed part of your body that you do not want included in the photo and to maintain your privacy and dignity.
  8. The wound and surrounding skin should be as clean as possible, although please do not clean the wound if you have not been advised to do so by your doctor or nurse.
  9. Make sure the flash of your camera is turned on.
  10. Point the camera directly at the wound from a straight position. Try not to angle the camera if you can. If it is easier ask someone else to take the photo for you or use a selfie stick or mirror.
  11. If possible, hold the camera at a distance so that you photograph the whole wound. You can use the zoom function of your camera if it helps. The wound should fill the square area as much as possible so that it is not too small or far away. If your wound is long you may have to hold the camera at a distance to capture the whole wound.
  12. Take a photo of the whole wound, the top of the wound and the bottom of the wound.
  13. If you have been asked to take a video of the wound, or movement of your joints please take this when instructed to do so for 5 seconds.
  14. Use the auto focus feature of your phone.
  15. Reapply your dressing after you have taken the photo, if you have been asked to continue with dressing your wound.