Answer questions

  1. Patient recorded outcome measures (PROMs) questions enable clinicians to understand how well you are recovering from your surgery.
  2. Please take your time to answer the questions as requested on the app.
  3. Please read the question carefully.
  4. Select the most appropriate response to the question.
  5. You will need to answer all questions to complete the questionnaire for that day.
  6. Some days you will answer more than one questionnaire.
  7. You can go back and change your answers during each questionnaire.
  8. However, when you finish any particular questionnaire in full, you will not be able to change the answers for that questionnaire.
  9. Please try to complete each questionnaire for that day before midnight in order for the app to record your response for that day.
  10. If you are not sure about an answer, please select the answer closest to your preferred outcome.
  11. If you have any doubts regarding your questionnaire, please contact your clinical team via the messaging tool.
  12. The questions may sometimes appear to be similar, however please answer them as best as you can.